Deep Wild Stillness in Concert:  

Klangraum Kunigunde am Schillplatz,

Sunday, 11 January, 2015, 17:00

CD Launch Party!

Judith Maria Günzl and Tara LeAnn Eriksson are delighted to announce that their new CD, “Tadaima” will be available for sale at this concert!

Tara and Judith met briefly for the first time in 2008, and sang together for a few minutes then.

Fast forward to 2013. After they synchronistically reconnected in November, they sat down together with a frame drum (played by Judith) and an H4 Zoom recorder in Tara’s bedroom. This is part of what happened:

The dance between Tara and Judith’s two voices is sometimes a mysterious space of opposites merging, and sometimes a bit like birds flying with breathtaking precision, turning and twisting at exactly the same moment with no plan.  Audience members are enthusiastically awaiting the next chance to be transported to the deep, wild stillness that inspires this soundscape which also includes crystal singing bowls, piano, flutes, frame drum, hang, and harmonium. Tickets and more info are available via Hinnerick Bröskamp at 0221 977 5715.

Klangraum Kunigunde, Mauenheimerstr. (Schillplatz) 25, 50733 Köln

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